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2010-01-11 15:43:42 by ViRoLoGY

Hey ya'll. My little post window kept prompting me to make a post so I decided I would in the end!
Just submitted another song there to the Audio Portal too for the hell, kinda hoping it gets a little more exposure!
Been on Newgrounds for a long time now but I've only made an account quite recently, and it's only really been active even more recently so maybe that's the story with the low listen count and stuff, I'm sure time will tell cause I'm dying to get the tracks 'peer reviewed' in a way and I'm not sure if there's some sort of way of promoting it or is it literally to do with people chancing across your page! I suppose time will tell.
Have another couple of things to record at the moment, including another riff I came up with after one of those 'Waaaaait a second....THIScould work.' moments, so I'll have that up soon too.
For now I'm going to play some tower defence games!



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2010-06-17 01:46:21

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